THE BLAZZTER is a software which function for share post. Start from a group, page, and your friends or not friends, until send massage to inbox in coincide.

That more THE BLAZZTER function for have a data in targeted with a search features that are in it. With features we can get much data like UID, Email, Last Update, and etc. With other say make us easier for scrape data just than features on facebook massive.

Some tool similar THE BLAZZTER, but The Blazzter have better user friendly Due to in tools we have manage account facebook self us and token with very easy. With use The Blazzter and promotion, your facebook can do: Scrape data, Search and Join group, Search and Page Poster, Auto Viral, Likes, and Comment inbox massager, Posting Wall, Invite, account creator, etc.


All in one platform and explore data just in second. This make possible all promotion without cost. And with The Blazzter we don’t need open us account facebook of browsing, because in The Blazzter we will see us account facebook like had browsing and the excess we can use features like we do browsing.

The Blazzter

“Very Growth hack”

Group Poster

Posting information at group with disposition time for arrange delay when posting information.

Friends Poster

Share posting between friends which connected with facebook and timer for arrange delay posting.

Search Target

Mode searching target appropriate with necessary information which we want, many explore page with one click.

Boost Virality

Simply enter what will us viral and target which will get viral information from us.

Easy Transfer

Easy of transfer group which had made to other account with one or two click.

Inbox Tools

Sharing information to all us target by inbox which completed feature link in it.

Video Tutorial

Short Guide

Page Campaign (Post And Scraper)

Auto Tag Friends

Go Viral! (Demo)

Auto Join Group

Mass Message (Inbox Tool)

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The Blazzter

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